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  1. On 3/5/2024 at 6:14 PM, Cal_PSA said:


    Be great to get some customer service on this. I didnt realise community engagement here was this bad, 2 years and no feedback from a rep? ... k

    Having same issue

    When setting up emails in the email editor it says that we can enforce brand continuity - however the colours showing on customer emails are anything but my brand colours. I wanted a dark grey/blue and I got near white.

    Once my subscription is up at the end of this year i'll most likely be taking my business elsewhere, almost £300 a year, wakeup out there yo 🥱

    I'm in the process of switching hosts, I have a week left of my sub. I've been here almost a year and I'm tired of their developers adding features that no one asked for and not fixing glaring issues with their platform.

  2. I just noticed that my background on my page isn't centered on mobile devices. I've had this site running for almost a year and this just recently changed. It looks fine on desktop but it's left justified on mobile devices. Any clue as to what has changed recently?

  3. Why does Squarespace estimate shipping costs so ridiculously high? I selected Squarespace because it had calculated shipping costs as an option but my customers are turning away in droves because it costs more to ship an item (through Squarespace's calculated rates) than the products they are buying. Who wants to spend $20-25 in shipping for a $20 item? My rates just going through UPS on my own are almost half of what Squarespace's calculated rates are at. How can i reduce Squarespace's shipping calculation?

    If you're answer is to set up flat rate shipping, that's ridiculous. How is a retail shop supposed to run a matrix of parts, boxes and destinations through UPS/USPS to calculate shipping costs? The task of creating a sample list alone will be more than cumbersome, let a lone trying to spend hours and days of setting up test shipments. There has to be a better way. I'm more and more tempted every month to switch platforms at this point.

  4. I have products set up into different categories. Some of those categories are seasonal so I turn on/off their visibility throughout the year. The products in the categories that are disabled still show up in the All section. Is this an intended behavior? I thought that by disabling the category I could hide the products in those categories without manually editing every single item in that category but they still show up in All section. Is there an option that I'm missing?

  5. On 9/20/2023 at 11:29 AM, Ziggy said:

    If you'd like a problem diagnosed can you share your website URL, site wide password and the code you have used to add the custom font.

    I figured mine out. The only thing that I changed was to take out the ' ' around the font-family variable name that I called my font in both locations. Not sure why it all of a sudden started working because I tried that a few days ago. Anyway it's working and hopefully it doesn't break again.

  6. I'm having a similar issue. I uploaded MoonTime-Regular (free) font and it won't render the script font. I'm following this thread to see if anything suggested helps. If not, I'll create my own to address it. I just wanted to confirm that they aren't the only one having this issue.

  7. https://www.greencreekcandlecompany.com/shop/p/strawberry-shortcake1

    The last 2 variants, 8 oz Tin and 2.25 oz Wax Melts have zero stock. I would like to have a setting that would allow me to hide those options with no stock so it doesn't show Out of Stock in the drop down list. I have others where I only have 1 variant available right now. I would have to remove those variants manually from the list if I didn't want them to show, which is time consuming to navigate 3 levels deep in menus on every product.

    Screenshot 2023-07-23 203049.png

  8. Is it possible to hide variants with zero stock? I run our candle storefront have my products set up based upon the fragrances. Then there are variants of the vessel sizes. I don't stock fragrances in all of the vessels all of the time. Instead of it showing "Out of Stock" is there a way that I can hide those out of stock variants so they don't show in the list? ex I may only have stock in 1 variant of a scent and I don't want a list of 6-7 Out of Stock variants. Plus, I don't want to keep adding and removing variants depending on what I make at that time. That's far too time consuming. It would be a lot easier to just to have a setting to hide the ones that have no stock.

  9. wow 3 years later and you have to pay extra if you want to send an invoice? Really? I'm forced to create one through Stripe, which is the same 3rd party provider that I'm using through SS to create a backdoor invoice. Now I have to manually update my inventory and merge my accounting. Seriously SS, make this an integrated feature and quite nickle and dimming us to death for features that other platforms offer as part of their standard offerings.

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