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  1. Thank you so much! This worked. I appreciate you taking the time to resolve this 🙂
  2. Nevermind, that crops the images on tablet and mobile. 😞
  3. Update: I did have the idea to just set a max-width for the image, which seems to work. But I can't figure out the code for the text. Unless I'm missing something, the code below, more or less does the trick for the image part. .quote-block img {max-width: 500px;}
  4. Sorry, but that didn't work. I tried it on site-wide CSS and on the actual page code injection, but it still crops.
  5. Did you seem my other two replies? I'm new to the forum, so maybe I posted them wrong.
  6. I'll add that this cropping occurs at exactly 1570 wide.
  7. I'm not seeing the problem you are circling. My margins are even on both sides. Are they not even on your end? My timeline issue in further detail...When the window is wide enough, my timeline content gets cropped on both sides. I've included a one image of the timeline, where the content is properly aligned and nothing is cropped. The second image depicts the cropping that occurs when my window is too wide. It is a responsive timeline, but at a certain point, the content resizing no longer responds. not cropped... Cropped...
  8. Hello, similar to this person's problem, I too am having problems with a timeline plugin I got from Squarepaste. I've contacted Squarepaste 3 times to no avail, so I'm hoping someone here has an idea. As opposed to this other person, my timeline content is getting cut off on the left and right when a window is too large. I'm noticing this on a larger desktop monitor, or it can be seen on a laptop if you just make the window large enough (you have to drag the window off the screen to be able to widen the window enough to see the cropping occur). I tried to solve my problem, based on the solution found in the post below, but I wasn't successful. Anyone have an idea? My timeline can be found at https://www.sindecusemuseum.org/tooth-fairy-magic Thank you!
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