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    thetoneshepherd reacted to Evgeniy in Adding Digital Product Variants   
    I'm selling digital products on my website and I have different variations of the same product. I want to create a dropdown menu where a customer can choose the version that they need instead of populating a page with similar products. Is there a way to do that? 

    Thank you.
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    thetoneshepherd reacted to Karlis in Adding Digital Product Variants   
    I don't understand why this functionality is not available without workarounds, digital products are as popular as physical ones. Of course there is possibility to use other services for that, but if you're paying for squarespace website and it has a shop option, it just does not make any sense to do that. 
    Here are the features digital product makers need:
    Customer can set the price themselves. And you could set the minimum as 0 or higher. Possibility to add digital product variants with different prices, just like for physical products. These could be different licenses or different product versions that include or do not include certain assets. How is this not obvious?
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    thetoneshepherd reacted to Domscillator in Send updated version to all customers who have purchased a digital product   
    Hello everyone,
    I am selling digital products (software) through my Squarespace website.
    I have thousands of customers that have downloaded a specific product and I am planning to have an updated version of it which I am going to make available for all the customers who have bought the product.
    I want to know how I can notify all these customers that have bought that specific product and let them know there's a new version out. 
    A mailout would do- but as far as I can see, there is no option to target only  the customers that have bought a specific product. A mailing list wouldn't work as in there, I have many people that haven't bought the product which not only will make a mailout irrelevant, but they would also probably get the product they haven't paid for for free. 
    I would guess that this is a very basic function for any e-commerce system but I cannot find a way to do this with Squarespace. Am I missing something or is it that this basic function doesn't exist?
    Many thanks in advance!
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