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  1. Kerstin, I'm hoping you can help with a problem I'm having.

    I've been using Scheduling for a client, and am well versed in SQS and Acuity/SQS Scheduling.

    My client is using Zoom for all of her yoga classes during the crisis, and I've wanted to implement the integration, but wasn't sure how to transition her with clients already booked. They've received reminders I've manually added Zoom Meeting info to already, and don't want to implement the integration until I know it will be relatively seamless, as most of her clients are not tech savvy and may be confused with too many changes.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


    1. kerstinmartin


      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for reaching out! Scheduling is not my area of expertise. Have you tried contacting SQS support to see what they recommend? I have Acuity and just continue to use that via the Acuity block, I don’t think existing Acuity clients necessarily have to migrate over. 

      All the best!

    2. jasonwindsor


      Thanks, Kerstin! We ended up not switching over to the Zoom integration just yet, since we didn't know. And SQS help was not very... helpful. The forums are chock full of evidence that you know more than anyone about all things SQS, so I thought I'd reach out with one last hope. Thanks for your help, and I might ping you again on the forums sometime. You're the best.


    3. kerstinmartin


      "The forums are chock full of evidence that you know more than anyone about all things SQS"  😎 Well, not quite, there are many other great experts on here! But appreciate the kind words and always happy to help if I can. 

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