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  1. JessicaM's post in I'd love your feedback on a petsitter website was marked as the answer   
    Hey @DelaneyConsultingCo!
    Love the cute dog pic at the top..and the yellow paw prints look good too. You might consider making it a solid blue background instead of having the blue paw prints..it gets a little busy.
    Since you already used the word "professional" in the white text, I would choose a different word in the paragraph right under that (where you use 'professional' again). I like that you mentioned "tourists" in there - that's a neat service that I wouldn't have thought of...and probably needed.
    Ok, I LOVE this black pug. This is a good section because you're identifying the customer's problems and how they feel...they will read this and think "yes - that's me". Good job here.
    I like the "we totally get it" font too. I would just put a little space between that and the words beneath it.
    In the 4 columns, 2 of them are missing periods at the end of the sentence. You might want to make these columns more wide..it's a little cramped.
    Explore our pet services section: Make each one of these services a hyperlink to a section about that service. There's a typo in the "extra extra" section - should be "our" instead of "out"
    The Happy clients section: They're cute pictures, but since it kind of looks like stock photos instead of actual clients (especially since there's one of each type of animal). Don't get me wrong, they're good pictures, but I'm not sure it's conveying the right message.
    Get started section: The alignment is a little off here... You could always just align the title and button to the left (in line with the numbers). But right now the button looks like it's in a weird spot. On the second point, it's not clear if you ONLY accept Venmo, or if you accept that in addition to others.
    I would spread the footer out a little more...it looks really tight right now.
    Services page - cute pic with the cat and the fish.
    The "book your pets stay" button should say "pet's"
    About page - the paragraphs for the employees aren't all the same width.
    Good design overall...you've included some design elements that took some thought/creativity that I don't see everywhere, so kudos for that. If you have questions about anything, let me know 🙂
  2. JessicaM's post in Buy one get one PDF for free was marked as the answer   
    @yay_fit Do they get to choose the free PDF? Or is it the same free PDF for every purchase? If it's the same PDF every time, then just include both PDF's in the .zip file that they get the download link for when they purchase the product.
  3. JessicaM's post in Seeking feedback on business website - why is my google page speed score so low, particularly on mobile? was marked as the answer   
    Hey @chuckEsleaze -
    Here's a few observations -
    - The pages are missing an H1 tag
    - Some pages are missing meta descriptions
    - Not all images have alt text (this could be effecting the accessibility component of your scan)
    - All of the external links need to be set to open up a new tab
    - Remove the dates on all of the quotes. They look outdated - especially the ones that go back to 2016. The words still ring true, so I would just take off the dates.
    - You could fit the header links on one row if the logo was smaller and the words weren't so long in the navigation links.
    - Some of the elements need more padding... like the testimonials at the bottom and the footer.
    Home page:
    - I would also do something different with the top image on the home page... instead of testimonials, that section should explain who they are and what they do. "Alaska's best defense attorneys" - or something. Also you'll probably need to put a box behind the text so that it can be read over the image. You can adjust the opacity of the box so that you still see the image.
    - Add more padding on "We know criminal law" section
    - On the home page, increase the width of the accordion blocks so that the text goes all the way from the left to right.
    - Our Philosophy section - the highlight looks off... it should either only be behind the bottom half of the text, or be behind the whole text (top to bottom)..it just looks weird with a tiny sliver of the text not having a box behind it. I think it would look nice to add some icons to each of these sections too.
    Let me know if you have questions about any of these 🙂
  4. JessicaM's post in Feedback is that its hard to find the videos on my site - how do I make content/navigation better was marked as the answer   
    Hi @sullisnyc!
    First off, you have some really gorgeous pictures that I would definitely play up and use to your advantage! Here's a few suggestions for navigation and general thoughts -
    - Right now there's a lot of information in the top navigation that sort of gives the feeling of, "Where do I start??". This can be fixed by adding a call to action button that speaks to what you want customers to do when they land on your site - Something like "Book Now" or "Make a Reservation". It should also be in an accent color so that it stands out. I would also take off the phone number since it's in the footer (people know to scroll to the bottom to look for the phone number). By doing those two things, your header will look a lot more eye catching and easy to navigate. (Also add the phone number to the Contact page).
    - If you have a version of your logo that includes the name, then I would add that in the header so that people know who you are.
    - You might want to break the 2 properties up into 2 sections on the home page. Each section (property) can have the video tour, images, and description with a button that takes them to the dedicated page on that property. This would put your videos in a more prominent location so that people don't have to hunt for them.
    - Definitely add some testimonials to the home page! These go a long way and it shows to people that y'all didn't just appear on the scene last night...you've been doing it a while and you're successful because you're good at what you do.
    - On most pages, everything is on a white background, but you could really add some nice visual elements by incorporating some color in the sections. I would also add more Call to Action buttons on the pages for people to book a stay. These should be all over your site because you never know at what page someone is going to say "Ok, I'm in" - so there should be a button right there instead of them having to hunt for it.
    - I would consider reducing the size of the top image on all pages. It's quite large and takes up too much real estate so that people have to scroll before they ever see any information on the page.
    - Some of the images seem to be a large file size because they take a while to load. This can negatively impact where you rank in Google. Ideally you want them under 250KB. I use https://imagecompressor.com/ to compress my images.
    - Be sure all of your images are correctly named (instead of 149321.jpg) and have alt tags - both of these can also negatively impact your Google ranking.
    - When someone lands on your site, they should be able to instantly tell who you are and what you do without scrolling. The text on the header image on the home page can be tweaked to address this. You could use the same image, have a subhead of "Palazzo del Golfo", then say "Luxury vacation homes on the coast of Sicily", and then have a button that goes to the Penthouse and a button that goes to the Apartment. That way it's clear and says to the reader, "hey we have vacation homes and here they both are".
    - On the balcony/penthouse pages, you have to scroll through quite a few images (even more scrolling if you're on mobile) before you get to the information that actually matters on the page. I would swap those (the pics and info) and probably scale back on the amount of pictures. Also there should be "Book Now" buttons instead of "Contact" buttons on these pages. The fewer amount of steps someone has to take to book something, the more bookings you will get!
    - In the Subscribe section at the bottom... very few people will submit their email address without getting anything in return. However - if you give them something in exchange for their email (like 10% off your first rental, or a pdf on the 10 best restaurants in Palazzo del Golfo), you will get WAY more email addresses. This is great too because your mailing list is the #1 way to grow your business.
    - I would beef up the footer... put your navigation links in the footer, include your logo, include a small map, etc. and give it a different color than the rest of the page.
    Aside from an updated design, I would strongly encourage implementing a booking system. People need to be able to see when a property is available, how much it is, and be able to book it right then. I can't imagine how many customers you are losing because they have to fill out a form! Most people will not take the time to fill something out.
    Let me know if you have questions about anything or need help implementing anything. You have a beautiful product, it just needs to be displayed/conveyed effectively!
  5. JessicaM's post in Make Checklist Align Vertical was marked as the answer   
    @tuanphan That didn't fix it, but I did add this code and now it looks normal. Appreciate all of your help!
      display: none;
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