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  1. Thank you! That was the problem. I think the documentation is unclear. I was reading this page: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815908 which says to put /safe at the end of your "secure editing url". That links to this page https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/219311968 which gives an example of a secure editing url with /pages included: "When you're logged in, the URL in your address bar looks different... This secure editing URL includes your built-in domain and the slug config. For example: https://example.squarespace.com/config/pages" Note that the example includes /pages. So I thought it was instructing me to put /safe on the end of that. Russ
  2. I added a code block. Put some JS in there. Must have made a typo or some other error because when I refreshed the editor all I see is the Edit button at the top but it doesn't do anything. So I can't edit the page to remove the faulty code. I tried with /safe on the end of the URL, but that just shows me the homepage. From there if I select the faulty page I want to edit, I'm back where I started... I can't see the content of the page, only an Edit button at the top that doesn't work. I'm relatively new to SS. I presume this must be a common occurrence and there must be a way to get back into the page to edit it and remove the faulty code - but how? Thank you.
  3. I asked a question recently in the Commerce forum, which turned into a chat about JavaScript code and the SS API, so apologies for cross posting but maybe this forum is a better place to ask... Is it possible to put JavaScript in a code block that will detect whether a customer is signed in and, if so, return their email address? Someone on the other forum said yes using the "User Account API" but I can't find any documentation for that API. They also mentioned the Profiles API which does look like it would allow me to retrieve information about a user but only if I already know the Profile ID, which I don't. In Settings, Advanced, Code Injection, there's a section at the bottom to inject code into the footer of the order confirmation page after checkout. It lists a bunch of tags I can use in the code which include the user's email address. I was kinda hoping for something like that... are there similar tags I can just drop into JS code in any code block on a SS page? Some links to appropriate documentation would be great. Thanks.
  4. ok, getting there, maybe... So I'm looking at this page: https://developers.squarespace.com/commerce-apis/retrieve-specific-profiles But I can't see any API end points that would give me what I want. It doesn't list a User Account API. It does list the Profiles API you mentioned earlier. But the end point requires that I supply a profile ID or an email address. I don't know this information - that's what I'm trying to obtain. Sorry if I'm just missing something obvious, but I don't see how I can use this. Am I missing something?
  5. Hi. I appreciate that is oversimplifying it, but I'm an experienced developer so I get what you mean and I appreciate it's not practical to give me a complete solution here. However, I can't find information in the SS documentation about the basics - hence reaching out in this forum. Either I'm not looking in the right place, or it's not possible. That's what I'm trying to figure out. Your answers are sorta heading in the right direction but I still don't know if what I'm after is possible or whether I'm just missing it in the documentation. Perhaps if I try a very specific question: Can I add a code block to a SS page with some JavaScript in it that will display the name and ID of the customer that is currently signed in? That would be a good start. Thanks for bearing with me.
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply. I guess you know the next question... can you point me in the right direction regarding how I might "pull this information into Squarespace so that it can be displayed"? Would that have to be something like a code block with JavaScript that makes an API call? I should stress my requirement is to pull from that external source only the data that relates to the member or customer that is signed in. So when the JavaScript or some other mechanism sends the request to the external data source, it's gonna need to send something that identifies the member/customer too. Thanks.
  7. Is it possible to add custom fields to customers or members which I can edit manually in the Profiles area? Follow-up question, is it possible then to display that information on a page when a customer or member is signed in? Thanks
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