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  1. Site URL: https://www.sunspringfarms.ca/ Hi there, Last week, the social sharing icon for LinkedIn was working fine when you posted our site's URL into the post. However, over the weekend the image no longer shows up and I can't seem to get it working anymore in any new posts when I include the site URL. Any chance there's a bug happening with the preview function? We have partners sharing our site and running into the same issue as well (see image below) which is impacting our marketing performance.
  2. @tuanphan Please see the image below. This is content block I'm referring too. On desktop it works fine, but on mobile it still shows the arrows to goto the next slide, even though I only have 1 slide in the block.
  3. Hey @tuanphan - I DM'd you the password, however we pushed the site live yesterday. Feel free to visit sunspringfarms.ca directly for the issue in this thread.
  4. Hey @tuanphan - I have the site behind a password wall now. Am I able to DM you the password in order to grant you access?
  5. Thank you! I am currently using this block on our homepage found here - https://flatworm-pepper-6llr.squarespace.com/ It's the section titled "Our Goal" within the purple content block overlapping the lettuce background image. The carousel lower on the page is fine and works as intended.
  6. Hi there, I'm having issues with a new list block on mobile that I'm using on my website. I'm using the list content block shown below that allows you to integrate a carousel with multiple cards to scroll through. Within our design, we only have 1 card with a content block centered over the background image, basically just using the content block to display a single image with copy over top. Within the content section, I have turned off the navigation arrows since there's only 1 single card to display, and on desktop it works as expected. However, on mobile, you can still see the navigation arrows on the tile, even with the navigation turned off in the options (see below). Any recommendations on why this may be occurring? Is this just a bug within the content bucket or is there some custom CSS I can add to the site in order to remove those buttons? From a UX perspective, when you click on them nothing happens so I'm not too concerned about them ruining the experience. I just want them removed since it may cause some confusion for the user and it doesn't look as clean. Thanks for your support!
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