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  1. Thanks you for your kind words about my photography, Dave and creedon. If you're interested to see more, you can take a look at my portfolio* Here are the dystopian photos of Tokyo... https://adrianrydz.myportfolio.com And I also photographed really unique abandoned places in Japan in the last 12 months... https://adrianrydz.myportfolio.com/urbex *Hopefully it's not against the rules on forum.
  2. First of all, I would like to apologise for my late reply, Dave. It is absolutely unbelievable to see such an ANSWER on forum. And it makes me feel bad that you had to wait for my answer while I got it so quickly from you. Thank you is just not enough. I don't know what should I say. Incredible knowledge and... kindness from you. And yeah, definitely you must be worth to hire! I will try to apply all of your suggestions as soon as I can. Really can't wait to just try it. Honestly I already feel better that someone like you took a look at this problem haha. Thanks a lot! It means a lot. I will write you privately too.
  3. Site URL: https://adrianrydzluxuryprints.com I have been struggling to display my landscape and portrait orientation pictures in original orientations on Store Page and Product Detail Pages. As everyone knows, squarespace lets you to display photos only in one orientation that makes all others pictures cropped. That is insane and I reported it to them, but they dont do anything with it for years. Long time ago I fixed it with some css codes but I never been really happy with the result because my picture orientations are displayed in very small size compared to landscape orientations pictures. I would like to have my portrait orientation pictures in the bigger size like here... https://shop.jimmychin.com/collections/favorites I tried to hire some people to fix it but no one ever replied to me haha. Does anyone know if it is possible to change?
  4. Site URL: https://adrianrydz.squarespace.com/shop Hello to everyone, May I ask... I would like to have my Store Page as wide as my home page is. I noticed that my homepage is a little bit wider than my Store Page. Is it possible to do it?
  5. First of all, thank you for your precious time. So I tried adding those codes, and it looks like... 1) (Shop Page) it makes all portrait orientation photos bigger (perfect!) but... it crops all landscape orientation photos at the same time haha. Probably it is not possible to make all pictures to be in original dimension without cropping in Shop Page. Am I right? 2) (Product Page) unfortunately it crops portrait orientation photos in Product Page that we tried to make bigger. I duplicated my website to test it so you can see it there, if you can take a look. https://pike-grape-h3pg.squarespace.com/shop password... tuanphan
  6. Thank you for reading my post. Always amazed by your effort here to help us. So there are two main problems... 1) I meant all portrait orientation (vertical design) product photos in my Store Page in DESKTOP AND MOBILE. They are too small because it looks like their height is limited by landscape orientation product photos. I want to change it so much. https://www.adrianrydzluxuryprints.com/shop (screenshot 1, 2, 3, and 4) 2) My portrait orientation (vertical design) product photos on individual Product Pages are too small but only in MOBILE. They look fine on DESKTOP. For example... https://www.adrianrydzluxuryprints.com/shop/p/skytree (screenshot 5) I contacted some people to contract it out but no one replied. If anyone could do it here or outside of this forum, please let me know.
  7. Site URL: https://www.adrianrydzluxuryprints.com/shop I am struggling to find anyone who could fix the size of my portrait orientation photos in the Store Page and Product Page in DESKTOP and MOBILE. If it is too complex to do it here on forum, is there ANYONE who I could contract it out? Is it possible to do with CSS? The are some CSS codes that I already applied as for this problem (if it matters) such as... - css codes to display all photos without cropping portrait orientation photos, - css codes to remove upper and bottom space in landscape orientation photos in Product Page. However portrait orientation photos are so small now compared to landscapes orientation ones.
  8. Whoa! Exactly what I meant. Thank you for all your explanation and fixing it in a way I wanted. It looks perfect! You rock!
  9. Site URL: https://adrianrydz.squarespace.com I noticed that my navigation button is not as close the edge as the cart button is (only mobile). Is there any chance to move it a little bit more to the left? Password... yumichan
  10. Thank you for taking time to look at it! Yes, it solved a problem of aspect ratio, however it leaves so much space around portrait orientation photos. Is it any chance to fix it, or should I again go back to a custom online store layout with product blogs on a different page?
  11. Site URL: https://adrianrydz.squarespace.com/shop I have one of the last main problems to fix before publishing my page. I would like to have all my product images in original aspect ratio in my store page (MOBILE AND DESKTOP). I would like to offer some prints in landscape orientation, and others in portrait orientation without cropping. I am aware of creating Product Blocks to create a custom online store layout with product blogs on a different page, and then hiding the Store Page by moving it to the not linked section of the Pages panel. And honestly so I did, however I am not happy with custom online store layout, so I would rather stay with ORGINAL STORE PAGE. May I ask anyone to help me to fix this problem... PASSWORD... yumichan
  12. Site URL: https://adrianrydz.squarespace.com Hello to everyone, I have a problem with removing arrows from my slides in MOBILE version (or moving them to the middle of pictures like in desktop) and adding adjacent slide effect like in desktop version (red marker on screenshot). This effect reveals the following slide a little bit on the edge. May I ask for any solution for this? It is crazy that I can do all those things in desktop version (add, change position or even remove arrows and add adjacent effect) but squarespace just hides these options for mobile. Thank you in advance for even reading my question! password... yumichan
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