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  1. Hi Derrick, thanks for that. yes, it's certainly a workaround that will help some people. However that approach loses some core blog-like features like pagination if you've got 20+ articles for example, so was just trying to offer offering a solution in line with what the OP asked for. Good to have multiple options to work around the problem!
  2. Here's another alternative which allows you to make some style changes to individual blogs. this means that you can use multiple basic blog styles and override individual settings. Create your blog page Edit the blog page and insert a blank section at the end or the beginning and set its size to the smallest possible insert a Code block (this works on non-pro subscriptions as its just CSS) make sure the language is set to HTML make sure the display source check box is cleared put the code below in to override the grid styles. same as my other answer, change
  3. Hello everyone. I found this annoying too. seems frustrating that the basic grid style is site wide. Is there a feature request logged with Squarespace? Following up the idea in this thread, I looked at the code and you can convert the standard masonry blog layout to a fixed grid using Custom CSS only. no script required, so good for us plebs not on the pro version. Go To Design > Custom CSS. Add the following in. this will override the Masonry layout (desktop view only) and fix it to a grid. @media screen and (min-width: 768px) { div#BlogMasonryContainer { display: g
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