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  1. Yes I think so - please see screenshot attached. This is in my content items block.
  2. Hi, No - not solved. If you look at page https://dragonfly-alligator-5xwt.squarespace.com/analysis-range and scroll down to 'Reports' section, you'll see that "Professional Styles Expert Report" is in the wrong font whereas the rest is Graphik light. Thanks, Alex
  3. Site URL: https://dragonfly-alligator-5xwt.squarespace.com/ Hi, I've successfully changed the font across our website - however am having difficulty with the titles of this specific content block under 'Reports' you can see that the title are still default font: https://dragonfly-alligator-5xwt.squarespace.com/analysis-range Does anyone have coding that could assist with this? Thanks, Alex
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