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  1. Hi, the link is www.imperiale-stills.com , no password
  2. Hello, I posted a question on this forum ten days ago regarding resizing portrait-oriented images to match the height of two landscape-oriented ones in the masonry grid. (I deleted the old post because it seems that it made me unable to create a new one into the same category.) I found out the right CSS to do that: .gallery-masonry-item img { max-height: 547px !important; object-fit: contain !important; } Now I have a new problem: while the image's height is correct and align with the two on its side, I still get a gap space under it so I continue to have the problem in the following rows. I think it depends on the wrapper or on the spacing between the rows in the grid but I cannot figure out how to write the solution in CSS. I attached a screenshot to show the situation. Could you help me finish the code to solve this? Thank you.
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