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  1. How customizable is the profile side of Squarespace? I'd like to integrate things like achievements on my online learning page, so little trophies attributed to users if they finish a module. On top of this, if I could get users to upload items for assessment to my attached Google workspace drive but have it retain the information for which user submitted it. Honestly, I just have no idea how this side of the website works. The profiles section so far just looks to be a list of email addresses which only exists in case I want to do an email campaign. Happy to outsource this side of things to another provider if that's the easier solution and still affordable!
  2. Site URL: https://www.mylastbraincell.org I'm putting together an educational website (yet to be relased, but www.mylastbraincell.org with password beta-test), but after chatting to a freelance developer it is seeming like I can't produce what I want on SquareSpace. A major capability that I need on my site is interactivity with JavaScript modules, stuff where a student can move things around and observe how the system changes. I've attached a very rough idea of where I wanted to begin with the developer, and I would be so unbelievably appreciative to anyone who can tell me how to achieve this on Squarespace or if I need to start over on a different platform which you build up from nothing. I am in the process of learning JS/CSS/HTML but wanted to begin with general templates to get the interface out of the way while I just did the JS function attached to each button.
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