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  1. Hi, the summary is the two products where the 'In focus' section is - and this is linked to the shop. I hope this helps! 🙂 Thank you
  2. Hi, I've had a search around with no luck so I'd love some help please! Can I please have a code as I'd like to make the 'see more' button go underneath the product summary (at the bottom) so that it reads: In Focus Spring is has arrived! Here are the must-have pieces for picnics and sunshine. *product summary* button Thank you!
  3. https://blueberry-hawk-3ztg.squarespace.com/ freofreo is the password Thank you! The whole header of the site is a bit out of whack at the moment because I'm trying multiple ways to get around it...
  4. Hi, I've spent hours searching and cannot find the answer to what I'd hope was a simple solution! I basically just want to have a different home page header layout on desktop and mobile view. My site is in demo so it's not letting me grab the url. I've attached a sketch of what I mean - I hope it makes sense! I want a text box with a coloured background and button on desktop. I've done this and love what it looks like on desktop view. On mobile I simply just want the text box to move underneath the image and not be on top of it.
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