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  1. Hello! Your website looks aesthetically pleasing. The elements work together in harmony. I love it! I only have to note the menus on the top ("tools," "our team," "contact us"). When I clicked it, I thought it would bring me to that specific section in the same page. But as it turns out, it redirected me to a new page with the same contents as the ones in the home page. I just don't see the purpose of the additional page if its contents can be viewed on the homepage itself. Those are just my two cents. Anyway, it looks good! Hoping that you would continue to improve on it.
  2. Hey there! Those questions do sound familiar to me. Personally, I am a big fan of using CTA in my business. Whenever I create a content about my products, I tend to design it the way that would really lead into my specific call to action for that article. Using CTA is not just about telling people that you need to do something, but also explaining to them why they need to do so. One of the things I can share is to use emotional appeals moderately. In our industry where we sell what we have worked hard for, it is not enough for people to know how good the product is as it is but also
  3. Adding to what @imnotreallysure already said, you should probably prepare a budget not lower than $1000 to actually start things off if you plan on really monetizing your already established site. Although you can go the hard route of studying SEO, joining multiple networks, and etc that could cut the costs–if you really wanna speed things up, paid traffic is the way to go.
  4. Most people would lean towards creating a diverse social media network of various platforms with the high expectations of generating leads and prospects. They'd scatter their content–casting a wide net in the highest hopes of catching someone. Unless you're famous or lucky, social media is only ever useful for one thing: placing ads to gain huge amounts of traffic. It's no wonder why Facebook ads are one of the most famous paid ads out there. And it's not that big of a surprise how many people are willing to shell out large amounts of cash for those with the necessary skillset to act
  5. Precisely, we'd also check if their services were akin or compatible to what we were offering–the size is relevant for what companies we avoid. We try to connect with small to medium businesses (<$5m anually) because our pitch only works around that criteria.
  6. Since I worked for a tech company, the main way of building an email list for us was mainly numerical. I won't get into the nerdy details, but we basically had a numerical criteria before we even considered someone / a business a potential partner or lead. But the process is basically checking if they met our criteria (through ahrefs and other tools) and then looking up if the business had a page in Linkedin with employees, and sourcing their emails through anymailfinder~
  7. How does your website look? Is it visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing to the eye? I'm happy to say that your website absolutely nails the following qualities: -A clean layout with minimal clutter. -Visual hierarchy that makes important information stand out more than others. -An intuitive navigation system where each link leads to another page. You're rocking it my friend!! Keep grinding and good luck with your website 🙂
  8. Setting up an online store to actually be successful is a relatively difficult feat–especially with the transition of everything towards the online world. Honestly, I'm not as confident and reckless as other people who've succeeded in the entrepreneurial journey, I'm a detail freak because I want to be prepared for almost every single part of any interest venture because I'm not some crazy multi-millionaire that can suffer a loss just like that. Okay, that was a pretty lengthy intro but here's the content meat. I made my own process that I've been following for years now–I call it SHI
  9. Have you tried contacting Square Space regarding this?
  10. Hi Tanya! Really nice photos, would love the option to actually click on them and see them closer rather than manually zooming my laptop (it would be a huge bonus if you could add captions on the pictures too, to give us context). One thing that you need to improve a little more on though would be the text on lower right, it feels to much of a mouthful–try integrating commas, em dashes, or semicolons to make it flow much more naturally 🙂 Hope this helps!
  11. Social Media is a tricky little fella that needs a lot of building up to do–but I'm inclined to say that the best way to use it to your advantage is by creating a narrative. People are usually a sucker for good-quality brands that came from emotional and significant backgrounds–J.K. Rowling built the world of Harry Potter when her life was crumbling to pieces, Colonel Sanders started his business at the age of 65, and so much more. A story actually sells your brand by pulling at your audiences' heartstrings and it builds a powerful type of connection with them.
  12. This is an old thread, but I really love questions related to brand-building. It's just three basic things: Purpose, Aesthetic, and Voice. I sometimes abbreviate it as PAV or Point-Awe-View–if you will. 1. PURPOSE - no matter how profitable you think your brand is going to be, if the only purpose is money, it's going to bleed out onto your brand. The best brands were from visionaries who actually solved a personal problem that they experienced firsthand–Mark Zuckerburg saw a lack of community amongst Harvard students and built a way for them to connect; I don't need to tell you how that tu
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