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  1. <style> /* hide desktop header */ header.Header { display: none !important; } /* hide mobile header */ div.Mobile-bar { display: none; } /* hide footer */ footer.Footer { display: none !important; } </style> Thank you Tuanphan for your help via mail and the new and improved code that solved the issue. Hereby I share it in the forum so anyone who needs it in the future can use it!
  2. Hi All, On an unlinked project page I need to make the menu and footer invisible. Found a great code somewhere, works like a charm. One issue: When creating a subscription form, or contact form, the white boxes in which you would need to type are invincible. See screenshot with and without code. Underneath the piece of code that makes the menu and the footer dissappeer (which I need). How can I change it so I do have the white subscription boxes? Many thanks in advance!! <style>#header { display: none !important; } #preFooter { display: none !important; } #f
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