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  1. When you are ready to close membership sign-up, disable all buttons in the header and delete any member area sign up blocks. Create a new Page and put in the Members Area navigation. I titled mine "Account Panel/ Sign Out. Create a section/text block on this page. The text should explain that you are providing link to a member's account panel. Highlight text "Account Panel" and using the Link Editor choose Page and type: "/account/login". When a member navigates to their Account Panel, they can now sign out using the link under their name.
  2. I have resolved this issue. If you want to know how, please reply. The original issue is after ending membership sign up, how so members gain access to their Account Panel and Sign Out option.
  3. I have the same issue. I posted here in the Forum and reported to SS. I now have members logged in but can't log out with out revealing Join option. Is there are way to log out of Members Area? or create a log-out link? I have resolved this issue. For this client there was a fixed membership. Once all member have signed up, we disabled all SS join/create functions. So the issue became having access to the Account Panel and Signing out. A simple text link URL /account/login does the trick.
  4. or another solution is a simple LogOut link in members area navigation menu.
  5. This bit: <button class="sqs-editable-button" style="margin: 33px 0 5px 0" onclick="joinMemberArea('5fe4c637917ad55772266131', window.location.pathname)" > Join </button> <br /> <button style=" display: inline-block; margin: 11px 0 5px 0; cursor: pointer; border: none; padding: 0; color: inherit; background-color: transparent; " onclick="joinMemberArea('5fe4c637917ad55
  6. Site URL: https://valverdecommons.com In order to close sign-up to Members Area, I need to kill/remove/disable the "Join" button on the Access Denied page. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Were you able to get an answer to this issue. I need to edit this page as well, or at least remove "Join". Thanks for any help or direction.
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