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  1. Site URL: https://janelee.info/ Hi, Can someone help me adjust my homepage so that the image moves up on the screen a little? I would like the navigation + logo title to be centered horizontally between the top of screen + image. I tried all the presets in 7.0 Brine template but it doesn't move it properly. Thank you!
  2. hi @bangank36, I am still seeing BOTH stacked + slideshow galleries on desktop and mobile. how do we change it so that I ONLY see Stacked for Mobile (no slideshow needed on mobile, only want stacked for mobile ), and ONLY see Slideshow for Desktop (no stacked needed on desktop, only want slideshow for desktop)?
  3. @bangank36 But can I ask you a question- its showing both the slideshow AND the stacked on the Desktop version. How do I hide stacked on the Desktop version?
  4. @bangank36thanks.. and to resize images to now fit i would just have to resize in photoshop and reupload?
  5. @bangank36 I duplicated pages with slideshows like you did for portrait- is it possible to make it so the mobile version is stacked?
  6. I see it worked for the "Portraits", I can see stacked on mobile + slideshow thru Desktop now
  7. sorry I am confused. So is it not possible to do gallery slideshow for Desktop and stacked gallery for Mobile?
  8. @bangank36 like this? I created new index section in "not linked" and added 1 slideshow version (duplicated in pages) + 1 stacked version
  9. @bangank36 I did one stacked gallery so far, I have 4 more to do. Should I share the first gallery?
  10. @bangank36I think I figured how to stack- I can do it in Pages+ add blank page?
  11. @bangank36 sorry where can I find that? I only see + create new page - gallery and no option for grid:simple
  12. @bangank36thank you so much, do you know what kind of page I should add images to achieve stacked look?
  13. Site URL: https://janelee.info/ Can anyone help me? I like how the slideshow works on Desktop but for Mobile it shrinks it to half the screen size when seeing slideshow. I would like to change to Stacked images on Mobile only.
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