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  1. oh, i found the solution - actually quite easy. i contacted the squarespace support and they found out that the email address hat been put on a block list. don't know why, but they just took it off and then it worked. so writing to the support might be a solution :)
  2. oh, thank you! great! i'm not sure where to insert this though. i tried the pagination code and put it in the css of the blog page, but then the text appeared in the header of the page. what did i do wrong?
  3. Site URL: https://luhmendarc.com i have registered my domain at squarespace and set up a custom email adress with g suite: mail@... i can send and receive emails with this address. however, when i try to verify the email address when setting up a sender profile, squarespace says that the email with the verification code has been sent, but i don't receive any mail - don't find it in the spam or elsewhere... anybody knows hot to solve this problem?
  4. hmmm... and i just realized that on the front page i use an event block where i also show the location in the meta data. this location text is a link, too - it would be better, if it wasn't. is it possible to disable that link, too?
  5. thank you very much! could you also still help me with a solution for disabeling the author-link in a blog post? above the title i would like to show the author but not have it a link.
  6. thank you so much! with this the tags on the bottom are no links anymore. but the author above the title still is. is there also a chance to get rid of the link there? and may i asked just as an alternative option: what would be the way to not show the tags in the bottom at all?
  7. oh sorry for not getting back earlier - didn't receive a notice that there was an answer. thank you. pw for website is anothersite this here is a post - https://luhmendarc.squarespace.com/news/beata-bei-den-expertinnen-talks-zur-eroeffnung-des-iksk-berlin - i would like to show the author name and the tags here but disable the links that would lead to the filtered blog page. if it is not possible to disable the links, it's also ok to just hide them. but i am using two blogpages on my site - the NEWS and THE PILLOW BLOG - and i want this only for the NEWS. The other blog should have normal tag, category, author functions.
  8. I have two blog pages on my site. In only one of them i would like to disable all links in the metadata - author, tags, categories - that appear in the posts. Alternatively i could also hide all this metadata but i'd prefer to only disable the links. I tried to insert what is below into the header code injection in the advanced settings of the blog page... appears to be wrong... <style> .view-item.collection-type-blog .entry-info { display: none; } </style>
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