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  1. Site URL: https://short-horn.com/ Hey guys, I'm trying to add my Pinterest Tag to my site to track specific events but it keeps saying that I haven't put my product IDs in the code injection. How do I assign each of my products a product ID? Best, Harry
  2. Yes please the last thing i said about spacing the blog pictures out i still need help with. see below
  3. I've now done that thanks. Next question (so sorry) The code we injected to make the health benefits blog grid go on two columns on mobile has now affected our recipes page: https://short-horn.com/recipes PW: Short-Horn5 Any tips on how we can get the images to be seperated even slightly? Horizontal spacing now makes not difference see image. Injected code: <style> @media screen and (max-width:767px) { .blog-basic-grid.collection-content-wrapper { display: grid; grid-template-columns: repeat(2,1fr); } .blog-basic-grid.collection-content-wrapper img { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; top: 1 !important; left: 1 !important; } } </style>
  4. Thanks for you response! The code for the blog grid isn't working when i put it into CSS, any other ideas? Also, the writing on the price in the subtotal is still quite small but the actual word 'subtotal' is now bigger if I inject it into the header - any ideas as to how to make it bigger? Thanks again for taking the time to reply
  5. And also sorry to be a pain but any help making the price and subtotal bits bigger on the checkout screen as well would be amazing
  6. you legend, worked a treat! Thank you so much, final question: any chance you could tell me how to get this blog grid to go on two columns on mobile please: https://short-horn.com/healthbenefits
  7. That hasn't worked for me I'm afraid, thanks for trying 😞 any other suggestions?
  8. If you could also tell me how to increase the font and image sizes of the products themselves within the shopping cart p[age that would be incredible
  9. Site URL: https://short-horn.com/cart I want to increase the font size of the "Shopping Cart" heading on the shopping cart page. I also want to increase the weight and font size of the cart item list labels as well "Item" "Quantity" "Price" . I've tried doing it on the normal header settings but it wont work - it's Heading 2 but doesn't change with the rest of the Heading 2's. Can anyone help i'm stuck on the bit of code you can see in the picture
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