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  1. It's OK - I added the !important and it worked - thanks again!!
  2. Thanks for the quick response - I copy/pasted into CSS but it doesn't seem to work?
  3. Site URL: http://mysoundingboard.life Hi Can anyone help me...on mobile, on the first section of the home page, the text is currently blocking the background image and I'm not sure what CSS code to use to move the text down? thanks!
  4. I ended up getting a freelancer to help me solve it. I think it was a çhrome issue.
  5. Site URL: https://www.mysoundingboard.life/blog Hi - novice here seeking some help. The publication dates are showing up OK on my blog page on desktop but when I go to mobile, 6/11/20 shows up as 6/11/20. - it's reading 1/2 as fraction for some reason. It's only that one date for that post - all others are OK. Any advice on how to fix would be appreciated! Cheers
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