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  1. Hi J9leepea, Thanks! Works great! I used padding = 125px 0 85px as that works better for me! Ivan
  2. I was able to reduce the space between the banner and text using the CSS below, but I'm still looking for help on reducing the banner height. main#page { padding-top: 20px; } Thanks, Ivan
  3. I'm just trying the Bedford template, which I like a lot. However, the banner is way too large, and there is a lot of blank space between the banner and the actual page content. Is it possible to either to adjust either the banner size (height) or reduce the amount of blank space? I can't find seem to find any site style to do either. Thanks, Ivan
  4. Thanks Paul. That's is my concern. I'll probably create my own classes so that I don't need to worry about it.
  5. I'm using the Harris template and adding some custom code which uses both the standard template CSS classes (i.e.: sqs-block, html-block, sqs-block-html, sqs-block-content,quote-block, sqs-block-quote) and custom CSS. All looks good, but my concern is that, if the standard classes change, the page will not render properly. How likely is that they will change? Thanks, Ivan
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