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  1. Site URL: http://www.spencerproduct.com/art I've tried inject code into 'Custom CSS' area which I got from a previous forum post. It was working up until today when I altered some layout design elements, and now I can't get it back. I can't see the new cursor in Chrome, but in Safari it shows up, but flickers and doesn't move as easily as cursors should or normally do. I've tried a few different codes but I'm not very fluent with this language so I'm not sure where it's wrong. Here is the code I am putting this code into the custom ccs area html, body {cursor: url(https://i.postimg.cc/DfMZQxvG/dot-cursor-black.png), auto;} a:hover {cursor: url(https://i.postimg.cc/YS5Gx8f8/dot-cursor-gray.png), auto !important;} .sqs-system-button {cursor: url(https://i.postimg.cc/DfMZQxvG/dot-cursor-black.png),auto !important;} * {cursor: url(https://i.postimg.cc/DfMZQxvG/dot-cursor-black.png) Can anyone help me figure out what happened?
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