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  1. www.annsim.de/home Thank you @tuanphan!
  2. I have perhaps a similar problem. I created an 'element' in the navigation menu (to be a contact button). I have tried multiple ways of anchoring it to the footer. <div id="footer"></div> <p id="footer"></p> (doens't work at all) and #page-section-addthewholepageidhere! The weird thing: it works in the squarespace editor and it works on mobile, however does NOT work on regular desktop / larger screens. Any ideas? www.annsim.de/home
  3. Hi www! Does anyone know how to change the colour of the mobile navigation screen on mobile (even to make it one of the colour blocks). I thought it was dark with white writing, ok an overly big button, but it was all fine, but now it's white on white and I can't se a thing! If I need to custom code it, any ideas? THANK YOU!
  4. So, I'm the opposite! I have transparent everywhere but would like a solid navigation bar on the homepage. I tried to play with the code but didn't manage myself.. any ideas? 🙂
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