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  1. @tuanphan tagging in the hopes you have a moment to take a look! thanks so much!
  2. I'm trying to have my website's landing page be two full bleed images side by side. The issue i'm running into is that you can only full bleed gallery blocks but if the photos are in a gallery it doesn't reformat for mobile devices and I end up with two tiny photos with blank background for the entire screen instead of the images stacking. If i do 2 image blocks side by side they stack nicely for mobile but i don't get a full bleed. Is there anyway to get around this with coding to have the image blocks full bleed so they'll stack in mobile view? My website is http://somedayaccessories.com pw: someday22 I currently have the landing page set how i'd like it to look on both desktop/mobile if possible (aside from the tiny padding on the bottom that I'd also really like to get rid of!)
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