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  1. Same problem. No word from Squarespace at all on this. It's crazy how little communication / lack of roadmap around members area. I have three client I would love to build on SQ Members Area but it's heavily lacking features. Most of the unanswered questions in this forum lead me to think they don't care anymore.
  2. Same. We want to grow our new business platform on Members Area but giving up as there's no roadmap or signs of improvement. We want to see manual approval option, zapier triggers and a better community function.
  3. Same here. Quite disappointed in limited features of Members area so far. They need to up their game to stay competitive.
  4. Hi, I often code websites with custom coded images, because let's be real - the default image box gives you little control for mobile appearance. eg. www.nicolson.co / www.boxedstorage.com.au My process is this: highlight some text add link upload file get the file map "/s/filename.jpg" create a code block add the src as "/s/filename.jpg" then add my styles I was wondering if there is a better way to coding in images than this? I noticed on SEO lookup tool Google may be penalising me for the millisecond redirect between /s/ and /static1.... image location. It would be great if Square had a media manager where you can drop files and link them, along with better control of image properties for mobile. A simple width function even! Thanks
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