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  1. Site URL: https://donoreggcompanion.squarespace.com/ Hi, Background info: I am setting up a small business that helps women with the overseas donor egg process. I have written a guide that is basically step-by-step about what to do.... I have a digital guide I want to sell online. Its far too long to create as a PDF - so I have set it up as a blog (well I have only done a few blogs for now it case it doesnt work). My issue is - that if you sell digital products the link disappears after 24hrs....I want the link to be accessible longer than that - and be accessed by a password....is this possible? Is it possible that they can change the password after they have received the link? My main issue is that I dont want the ebook forwarded. Do I set it up as a service so that after they purchase - they get an email with a link to the blog (which I assume I can configure in the email settings?). For now I have removed the shop page so when you click on Services - and Access the Guide - it will take you straight to the blog (which is the beginning of my ebook). Pls excuse the other noticeable errors...lol....this is still WIP. My painpoint is really sorting out how these women can access the guide. Thank you! Nat
  2. Hi, I'm totally baffled on what to choose for my template! Its for a lifestyle business - based around consulting services. I have written a book/guide that I want to sell (or perhaps have hidden on my website that people access once they purchase) with about 4 different menu items. A blog option with some testimonials would also be good. Please let me know if you need any other info - just feeling really overwhelmed with so many to choose from! What templates would be good for this?
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