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  1. This worked for me, but the formatting is wonky on mobile when holding the phone vertically. I've attached three examples. Any ideas of how to correct this for mobile vertical view? Thank you so much!
  2. I am having the same issue here for a client's site. Site minnastess.com pw: minnastesssite I would like my Slideshow Gallery captions to display on mobile. Any ideas?
  3. I am having this exact same issue and would like to know the solution! minnastess.com pw: minnastesssite TikTok link: https://vm.tiktok.com/ospYda/
  4. I added a couple of gallery items in order to make it consistent, but would still love to know the fix!
  5. Where did you find the number you're using to reference the collection? I am having the same issue for a client and would like to center align the gallery images so that the bottom set does not appear left-aligned. https://minna-stess.squarespace.com/ password: minnastesssite
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