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  1. Hi @eaglescout, Great question! I've worked with a number of clients who face similar issues where their Squarespace sites (like most sites) load incredibly slow in China, and largely are "broken". Take a look at the Chinafy 'bolt-on' . (www.chinafy.com). The bolt on is able to address: 1. Speed: Taking sites from 50+ to about 6-8 seconds on average. 2. Compatibility Issues: These affect functionality (from APIs, to Images, to Transaction calls etc.). Chinafy resolves these on a mostly 'automated' basis. Full disclosure: This is one product of the companies I work for (among others). Here are some resources. you can check out. Give me a shout if you'd like me to walk through them. > Does Squarespace work in China? > Test your site (or another Squarespace site) as it currently loads in China. Best,
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