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  1. Site URL: http://www.thecropbox.co.uk I have tags that appear underneath the blog posts on my site, and for some reason there are weird line breaks appearing in the middle of tags. On the first or seccond one usually. Does anyone know why this might be happening or a way I can fix it? I have checked to see if it was the way that the tags were added (was return pressed in the middle of entering the tag) but it doesn't seem to be that.
  2. Sorry about that, when I set the blog page up I chose the image / text alignment where they were stacked ontop of each other in two columns. More like on hester. https://hester-demo.squarespace.com/blog
  3. https://bailard-demo.squarespace.com/news Does this work? I'm just hestitating to share the URL without my clients ok first 🙂 thanks for your help!
  4. Hi I would like to align the read-more links to the left. I am able to change the colour using a.blog-more-link { color: #FF00CC!important; } but when I try to use text-algin: left; it doesn't seem to work? Any help would be really appreciated! Thank you
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