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  1. I'm intersted in your markdown block solution, I have the same issue. I use a personal plan thanks in advance
  2. I use a personal plan thanks for sharing Turquoise template but I've already built my site with Bryant ...
  3. hi everyone ! I 'd like to add a social icon for several persons (i.e. 6 persons having their own Facebook page) on my site but each icon is associated to only one url ... how can I solve this ? maybe via CSS ? I could work around the problem by inserting images but how to resize them for mobile view and having 4 icons (insta, fb, youtube linkedin ) side by side horizontaly ? thanks in advance for your help
  4. ok thank you tuanphan ! just for my information, what does this stand for ?
  5. exactly ! I just need 1 icon tittled "book an appointment" (prendre rendez-vous in french)
  6. hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to create a floating button (linked to an url) on the right side of a page, the button remaining from to bottom while scrolling... thanks adance for your help
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