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  1. Thanks for try to help, but I still dont get how to get picture on main blog page..)sorry, but I wanat to understand. 🙂 1. Thats is my webside screanshoot (there are good oportunity to see pictures already in first view), the same view I want to build on blog chapter. 2. Thats how its looks now, unfortunatlly without the picture:( I want to add picture like this, but I cant do it...or I cant find tool how to do it.... 3. When I press "Read more" then opens blog text and also picture. But I want that picture shows already on listing part as small/
  2. Site URL: https://laura55art.com Hi, How I can add the picture to my new blog? Right now it shows at the end of article, but I want to see picture also in Blog main page. Thanks in advance:) BR, Laura
  3. Site URL: https://laura55.com Hi, How can I change domain from laura55.com to laura55art.com? I already got first one, but I change my mind. Thanks in advance:) BR, Laura
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