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  1. Thank you, Tuanphan. That is a great solution. However, it didn't work for the Project pages, unfortunately, as those for whatever reason don’t offer an individual code injection field for each page, only for the main page (equivalent would be you can only redirect the whole blog instead of individual posts). Why they do that is beyond me but I appreciate the effort. Seems that there is no solution to the issue at the moment. Thank you again. Best, Jan
  2. Site URL: https://oneearthrising.com/ Hi folks, On our homepage, we used the beautifully arranged portfolio template to offer clickable images with overlays. However, we would like to show a dedicated page when clicking on the portfolio image. Example of the "Experience our games" image: Currently links to https://oneearthrising.com/this-is-us/our-games Would like it to link to https://oneearthrising.com/games I already tried the domain mapping way with a 301 redirect which didn't work. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  3. @tuanphan sorry, I have one follow up question: do you happen to know if there is a way to change the author profile URL ("Filter posts by author") from the number to an actual name (see screenshot)?
  4. You are rockstar. Worked like a charm. Thank you.
  5. Site URL: https://oneearthrising.com/games/paraiso-island Hi folks, I use the regular blog page for my news blog (all good there). In addition, I use the same blog layout of the template for our 'Games' page (overview of the games we have published). For the latter, I would like to hide the author profile for obvious reasons as it is rather a product information page than an a blog page and doesn't need an author. However, if I changed the setting to hide the author profile on this Games 'blog' page, it also hides it for the official News blog (where I would like to keep it). I'm sure there is a CSS solution for it that I can implement into the Games blog page code injection section. Would be great if someone could help me. Thank you.
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