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  1. Squarespace doesn't use the modern photo compression formats. Also, you're using PageSpeed Insights which is designed to test "from the ground up" style websites and not for pre-built template ones. It gives back erroneous info. Use https://tools.pingdom.com/ instead to test.
  2. Hi, I'm building a gallery for a photography site using the Brine > Jaunt template. Is there any way to get an image gallery to be laid out as I have it, and have the images clickable to be viewed full size without any crop? I didn't see this feature and would have assumed for a gallery it would be there? Is there any other way to achieve this look? Perhaps one that doesn't crop images either? Open to suggestions. Thx!
  3. I solved it. It was Index page spacing under design styles as per this screenshot. It was set to 240px by default.
  4. Solution should be in your design styles area see my screenshot. It's your padding. By default mine was set to 240px... which was crazy.
  5. Hi there, I'm working in the Jaunt template. I'm trying to add space in between sections on the index page. See my screenshot. I read I'm supposed to be able to see a "pencil" icon to edit, but I never see this to edit individual appearances? Can somebody point me in the right direction? The red squiggles are obviously the excess space I'm hoping to reduce a lot. Thanks!
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