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  1. Site URL: https://www.addisonstreetspa.com/book-private I use the Mindbody Appointment widget for booking appointments. When I select a service and a date range, the widget expands to show available appointments. The expanded widget is overlapping the footer instead of pushing the footer down How do I get the footer to stay below the expanded widget?
  2. @paul2009 Thank you! That CSS did the trick. Only issue now is that the appointment windows don't push the footer down. They are visually overlapping the footer. Please see video upload. addisonstreetspa-scroll.mov
  3. @paul2009 It's the Mindbody Branded Web Appointment Widget. To my knowledge it is the latest design. Attached a screenshot of the widget creation page. There is no other code on the site at this time. I've attached a screenshot of the code Also attached a screenshot of the widget displayed on my page https://www.addisonstreetspa.com/book-private
  4. Site URL: http://addisonstreetspa.com/book-private I deployed a Mindbody widget using a code box, and the widget displays fine but is not clickable. Mindbody support says to disable ajax loading, but Squarespace v7.1 does not support ajax loading, so this fix is no longer applicable. Has anyone had this problem and found a fix for it??
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