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  1. @christyprice Thank you so much Christy on the information on how the forum works and for the help provided !!! It is very generous from all of you to help out ❀️ I appreciate it a lot ! Cheers !
  2. Hi @christyprice ! I was wondering if you still received the follow up on my questions ? Or maybe am I asking too many questions ? I am sorry if it is so, it is my first time posting on the forum and don't know if there is an amount to respect. Don't hesitate to let me know and to inform me if I have to proceed another way ! Thank you !
  3. Hello ! An additional question : how come the button doesn't appear when the website is seen on the cell phone ?
  4. We are getting close !! 😁It's working perfectly for the title but is has no effect on the description, it only affects the line height (screen print herewith). Do i have to change meta-description by another name ?
  5. This is great Christy, thank you !!! It's going toward what i imagine ! I am playing around with the color and transparency, but i don't seem to be able to play around with the font size (the default is too big). I added a line "font-size: 10px" (see in the png attached) and played around with the number from 5 to 15px, but it didn't change anything. Do i have the phrase wrong ? Actually what i really want is to have the overall button SMALLER πŸ™‚ Thank you !!
  6. Site URL: http://www.mocoia.com Hello ! I have created a slideshow gallery home page for my website but i am disappointed that the default "caption" / "button title" is set on BODY style. I wish it could be set on HEADER 1 (like the rest of my navigation menus). Is there anyway to do that ? Also, how can i make the title backdrop, which is currently a low opacity black rectangle, a lot darker and if possible in another color ? I find it isn't strong enough and am disappointed i can't use the default SMALL BUTTON style set up on the rest of the website. Thank you in advance for your help !
  7. Site URL: http://www.mocoia.com Hello ! I have been battling with my footer navigation. I don't find any possibility in the style editor to CENTER the footer navigation nor to adjust the padding of the columns which i would like to make a bit wider (there's only the option to do auto-width). Can anyone help me out please ? :) Thank you in advance for your time !
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