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  1. Yes !! Great, thank you so much
  2. didn't work either If you find a way to fix it thats great otherwise you've already been very helpfull !
  3. Still not working on slideshow controls... :s
  4. Wow ! thank you so much for your quick response 🙂 It works perfectly except on the slideshow controls. Is there smth we can do for those ? Thanks again !
  5. Site URL: https://jimgoldberg.fr/ Hi, Everytime I click on any clickable element of my website a thin dotted line surrounding the object appears. (image attached) Would anyone know how to remove it using css codes ? Thanks in advance for you help 🙂 WEBSITE PASSWORD : Segura70
  6. Site URL: https://hexaflexagon-crimson-m9bf.squarespace.com/three Hello ! I would like to customize the next and previous controls of my slideshow. By default they look like this I would like them to look like this If anyone can help it would much appreciated ! Thanks in advance
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