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  1. This is great, that did the trick, but the modified site footer code did not work. I used the original you provided, which worked. Thanks again. You've been a big help!
  2. Thanks for responding. I'm fine with thumbnail view covering the footer I guess, but I noticed a more serious issue. I discovered the footer is interfering with text on block pages. The footer is overlapping the text. Its not too bad with large computer screen, but it's a issue with the mobile version of site. Again the footer is overlapping text on my block pages like my Faq, contact and terms block pages. I hate to ask you again, but is there a way show the footer only with my galley pages. That will solve the problem with overlapping text. Thanks -Aris
  3. I can't tell you how happy you just made me! This is great, but is there a way to move the footer title to the left a little. I changed the text-align: to left, but it moved it right to the left corner. I need it about 100 to 200px off the left side. Basically I need to align it with the left side of a image. I also discovered that I can move the footer title up and down vertical by adjusting the fixed bottom 3px to whatever I need it, great! Any help would be great and thanks again!
  4. I need a way to add copyright information at the bottom of my images. Is there a way to add a footer and block text for the momentum template, or maybe any other way or method to add this this information under my images -left hand side. Any help would be great! Thanks
  5. Can this be used with the Avenue Template as well. I moved away from Waxley template. I did try it with Avenue, but it simply will not work.
  6. Thanks for giving a hand with this. I tried it, but not luck. I was hoping I would see the text somewhere on the page and then format it as you said. The template i'm using is avenue and gallery is set as slideshow with thumbnails. I really wish this worked, I cant' tell how important it is
  7. I wish this worked: .collection-type-gallery #slideshowWrapper .image-description { display:block; color:black; background-color:transparent; text-align:center; top:-10%; }
  8. how did you create the normal size font with colour hyperlinks and underline?I would like to have it the same way, but with red text.
  9. Well how do you make it make it temporarily inaccessible?If you password protect the site, people will see a password login andget confused. It would be nice if we can customize the password page with with a message - "sorry the website is down for service"
  10. Thanks anyways.I do have another question if I may! Is there a way to center the grid of images with split menu navigation and have the grid of images cropped square. Right now the images are left aligned
  11. Is there a way to turn off the thumbnails
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