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  1. Can this be used with the Avenue Template as well. I moved away from Waxley template. I did try it with Avenue, but it simply will not work.
  2. Thanks for giving a hand with this. I tried it, but not luck. I was hoping I would see the text somewhere on the page and then format it as you said. The template i'm using is avenue and gallery is set as slideshow with thumbnails. I really wish this worked, I cant' tell how important it is
  3. I wish this worked: .collection-type-gallery #slideshowWrapper .image-description { display:block; color:black; background-color:transparent; text-align:center; top:-10%; }
  4. Well how do you make it make it temporarily inaccessible?If you password protect the site, people will see a password login andget confused. It would be nice if we can customize the password page with with a message - "sorry the website is down for service"
  5. Thanks anyways.I do have another question if I may! Is there a way to center the grid of images with split menu navigation and have the grid of images cropped square. Right now the images are left aligned
  6. Is there a way to turn off the thumbnails
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