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  1. Looking good so far. I think the text blocks should be removed as it seems to protrude into your photos (not the most pleasing design element in my opinion). Also, I would replace your personal photo on your About page with a less selfie looking image, just to keep your website looking as clean and professional as possible. The other photos of yourself and others throughout your website look great. Hope my feedback helps and best of luck with your yoga business.
  2. I just looked at your site and think you did an excellent job. The only changes I’d make is that bottom banner that keeps popping up every ten seconds saying a customer just purchased so and so item/product. I find it somewhat distracting and unnecessary. I also feel that the background (herringbone brick/stone) for the clothing is not the most flattering. I realize maybe the intention is a rustic feel of some sort but I think in this case, better photography and a cleaner background will elevate/showcase her clothing much better. Good luck! I can see that you put a lot of time and work into this.
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