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  1. @tuanphan I have just messaged you, thanks sir 🙂
  2. Site URL: https://tortoise-dove-xgz3.squarespace.com/ Hello SS community, I am working on a team page and I am using a summary block to display each members profile picture - I have found some code that allows me to have 3 images per row on the mobile view which is great. However, I encountered a slight problem when I gave the images titles + descriptions - This adds a bottom margin to each image and consequently pushes the below images further down the page. Example: https://gyazo.com/820812f30aec47f0c3aa680fef7c9515 <- The image blocks have been pushed further down the
  3. Damn it I keep forgetting! https://tortoise-dove-xgz3.squarespace.com/new-cover-page
  4. At the bottom of my pages https://gyazo.com/e18cce5eab65b8cf3d8ed8abeb6f2489
  5. Here is the website link: https://tortoise-dove-xgz3.squarespace.com/ Hi Tuan 😄
  6. Hello guys, I am using Brine template and I have setup a nice cover page with a background video. I was wondering if anyone can help me with moving the navigation text which is centred on the screen slightly lower? As you can see here: https://gyazo.com/a15c61e834b0bc6e65bea65e4f597fb8 The 'English' & 'Spanish' navigation links are in the way of the background logo - Has anyone got the CSS id to move this navigation down slightly lower? I am struggling to target the right parts. Any help appreciated! I am using the 'Cover' template for the Cover page on Brine.
  7. figured something out using some other code I had, put them into what you gave me and it seems to work nicely! Here's the code: //HAMBURGER HOVER COLOUR/Enlarge// a.Mobile-overlay-nav-item:hover { color: grey !important; transform: scale(1.1); } a.Mobile-overlay-nav-item { -webkit-transition: all 0.15s ease-in-out !important; -moz-transition: all 0.15s ease-in-out !important; -o-transition: all 0.15s ease-in-out !important; transition: all 0.15s ease-in-out !important; }
  8. @tuanphan Unfortunately I am still a nooby so will need to do some extensive research! Thanks for helping me out, really appreciate it!
  9. Hey Tuan, Thanks - I also tried altering the transform-origin but it doesn't seem to affect it. I have decided to change my design, your hover code influenced me 🙂 I have tweaked the code you originally sent so its a light grey upon hover but i'd like to make the text englarge slightly. Something like the pulse animation on this https://daneden.github.io/animate.css/ Is this easy to implement?
  10. Here is how it looks currently: https://www.screenmailer.com/v/0Rvy6aABaxwaRcg I just need to crack what alters the length and starting posistion of the underline and it's sorted.
  11. I have tweaked like this so far: @media all and (min-width:840px){ a.Mobile-overlay-nav-item { display: inline-block !important; float: left; } a.Mobile-overlay-nav-item:hover:after{ transform: scaleX(0.97); } a.Mobile-overlay-nav-item:after { display:block; content: ''; border-bottom: solid 2px #000000; transform: scaleX(0); transition: transform 300ms ease-in-out; z-index: 999; transform-origin :0% 100%; } } It works, but the underline is very long and longer than the word so I will play around with some things to see if
  12. Here's the code I am going to adapt, assuming I can! @media all and (min-width:840px){ header nav a { display: inline-block !important; float: left; } header nav a:hover:after{ transform: scaleX(0.97); } header nav a:after { display:block; content: ''; border-bottom: solid 2px #000000; transform: scaleX(0); transition: transform 300ms ease-in-out; z-index: 999; transform-origin :0% 100%; } }
  13. Hey Tuan, That's great - Much appreciated my man. So I assume I can use: a.Mobile-overlay-nav-item:hover { With my underline code to add this to the hamburger menu. May I ask also, how you found this? I am still trying to figure out how to target certain parts of the page using google css inspect element. Thanks again!
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