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  1. Good day! I have come across a page with it's images on top of each other and was wondering how to replicate this thank you in advance
  2. sorry, bad habit. available now. 100% on the code?
  3. hi! question, i just noticed the change apply only to my homepage. thing is i have my site in two languages, so i have the spanish one as my homepage but as soon i click to change it to english on my menu the css edit doesnt apply at all. please how can i have it for both (or all maybe)? thank you in advance.
  4. thanks but now it has a blank space under the x as shown here do you know how to have it fill the whole space with the same image?
  5. thank you. it worked but yeah that black strip still over it. i'll try to find a way to make it transparent
  6. is it possible to add a background image to the menu mobile display?
  7. ok, done www.rubenalza.com that is the page. so, im trying to edit the mobile look to it. like i said before having the gallery on top without that white bar over it. p.s. if you know how to also edit the menu background i would love it so much. its giving me a headache. cant seem to find it anywhere.
  8. my site is not published yet.basically i want the "logo" and menu to be on top of my index gallery. just like the second picture i posted that shows the gallery covering the whole page with the logo on top.
  9. i'm trying to build my own website but i would like to edit my mobile version of it. so i wish to have the menu and the logo on top of my image banner on the top. i provide examples
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