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  1. Hello I have the same issue with https://www.instagram.com/nafisistudio/ on our website https://nafisi.design/
  2. Thank you so much! You are a genius! It worked perfectly!
  3. This is great thanks for sharing. Is there a line of code I can use to cause a FADEIN animation for all blocks across the whole site instead of being adding this animation manually to every image and text block www.nafisi.design
  4. Hello I have a similar problem but this code didn't work for me. The padding for my home page is good, but the extra block of space on the mobile view is too much how to remove this block just for mobile view please? www.nafisi.design
  5. Vimeo charges £6 per month to have access to the video display customisation - has anyone found any other routes around this by editing the embed code?
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