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  1. Site URL: https://www.eleonoraarosio.com/ Hello, My website is divided in different categories under the "work" section: commerical, personal and editorial. Once you click on any of those, it'll open up a page with a mix of different projects. I would like for people to be able to click on one of the images and see the full project with a bit of a description on a different page (kinda like what happens in the shop when you click on one of the products), how do I do that? I don't want it to be in a lightbox Thanks Eleonora
  2. So what's the solution? It's literally only the dimensions box that does that https://www.eleonoraarosio.com/shop/lady-colomba
  3. elearo

    Free Shipping

    Hello, So my commerce page is set to have different shipping prices for different weight and countries. Over a certain amount of weight it's free shipping as it's set on the shipping options, but I would like to have a "free shipping over 100€" option for every country, so that I can have a bar at the top of the page promoting the offer. How do I do that? Thanks, Eleonora
  4. Thanks! The dimensions tab is doing something funny: the pill shape is sort of cut and it won't show the options https://hypersphere-tomato-nka3.squarespace.com/shop/handreading
  5. It's not working on the header tho? And the title is still pink and not white. The "Select Dimension" button seems to have some problems too?
  6. Great, thanks again! What if I also wanted the pages of the elements inside the shop to have a all pink background and a white text? For example this one https://hypersphere-tomato-nka3.squarespace.com/shop/zig-zag
  7. You've been so helpful, thanks! One last thing: is there a way to have the same color on the header too (again, only on the shop page) I basically want the page to look all pink, compared to the others which are all white Thanks!
  8. Thanks, it worked! The only problem now is that the top part of the page is still white and I would like to change the title's color too (Eleonora Arosio), again just for the shop page. Any tips? Thanks a lot!
  9. Template is Jaunt and the link is https://www.eleonoraarosio.com/shop
  10. Hello, I would like to change the background color of only one page of my website (possibly also the title, only for that one page) Anybody can help? I've tried different codes but nothing seems to work Thanks in advance Eleonora
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