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  1. Hey I tried using the CSS provided above and it works but the hover image isn't confined to the width of the wrapper. What am I doing wrong here? Here's the code I used from above: /* Change image on portfolio item hover */ a.grid-item[href="/work/anxiocalm"]:hover img { visibility: hidden; } .grid-image-inner-wrapper:after { visibility: hidden; } a.grid-item[href="/work/anxiocalm"]:hover .grid-image-inner-wrapper { background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/607f2d7caeff013b864be14f/t/6081c16961f7c44a415b5cb6/1619116393840/anxio-car-hover.png) !important; }
  2. Hi, seen this for a couple other templates but not for Jones - can someone help? I just want to hide the banner or even just reduce its height. Site is watchandkey.studio, thanks!
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