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  1. Thank you so much! There's 4 photos in the slideshow. When you first go on the site, photos 2/3/4 are off centre - but only on the first round of slides which is strange. After that they centre themselves.
  2. thank you! site url: https://www.jo-kempphotography.com/
  3. The titles on my homepage slideshow are off-centre (only on every 1 in 3 run throughs). I have worked out that is it a problem with my custom CSS because when I delete my custom CSS, they centre up. But this also deletes all my website style/design. I don't know much about coding and was hoping someone could help me find the part of my code that could be causing this weird occasional off-centre titles? site url: https://www.jo-kempphotography.com/ Thank you!!
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