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  1. Haha
    AWS got a reaction from creedon in Shipping costs Squarespace Vs. Shipstation   
    Perhaps the 2.4 billion dollar man can tell us.
  2. Like
    AWS got a reaction from bangank36 in Additional Information for product page - Advanced options?   
    Tabs on Additional Information would be helpful. 
  3. Like
    AWS reacted to paul2009 in tables from csv files   
    Sadly, there isn't a solution built into Squarespace for this, or for tables generally. 
    However, if you are willing to pay a small amount for a third party product, I thoroughly recommend the Custom Table Block. You'll get your own 'Table Block' in Squarespace and it allows you to link directly to a Google Sheet where you can store (and easily edit) your CSV content.

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