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Shipping costs Squarespace Vs. Shipstation

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Can anyone provide me some insight? Today a customer contacted me as she was about to pay for shipping on my site and it was over $25. I went onto Shipstation and using the same exact info as on my site, it was SIGNIFICANTLY less money. I contacted Shipstation and they didn't have an answer stating it was up to the various shipping companies but that didn't answer the issue. I don't want to be gauging customers on shipping and didn't realize there was that much of a cost difference until she pointed it out. Any advice/help would be welcomed.

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I am having the same issue here.  The difference is outrageous sometimes.  Seems like Squarespace is quoting double what the shipping cost is through ShipStation.  My item dimensions and weight are correct.  I read in the help section that all items need to be assigned shipping dimensions and weight, and all of mine have.  I may have to start looking elsewhere to host my shop.

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