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  1. Site URL: https://caper-cinnamon-7xmy.squarespace.com/history-of-the-fair?p OK so on all our sites in 7.1 I'm unable to use the scroll bar - even though I have many photos in a gallery. There is a scroll bar but it doesn't work, and I am unable to arrow down. Anyhow know why this is? Is the scrollbar just decorative, and there's really a limit to the number of images? This doesn't make sense though - It's letting me add images, it's just not letting me scroll down. click. and name them. password: farmers In the attached screenshot - you can see the limit to the number of images I'm able to click on. That scroll bar on the right does not work. This is in ALL browsers and on BOTH laptop and iMac Thank you in advance for your advice Jude Goodwin
  2. Hi @brandon I've read through this thread and forgive me if I missed the answer. Thank you so much for putting this together - I have a huge job coming up that relies totally on labelled gallery images. But for my current project, I have a site with five galleries and I only want labels/descriptions on one of these. So, I determined the section data ID and placed it in the code injection as this: document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() { addGalleryItemDescriptions(section[data-section-id="5e584f84750bff750e72e2a8"]); but it doesn't work. I tried a dot before the word section, no go. Have I misunderstood? I did consider 'hiding' the description on the other 4 galleries (lol) but if client in future wants to add a gallery they won't have the skill to do this. I've double checked the id a few times - I'm sure it's correct. Thanks for your advice, if I sort this - it's gonna make a huge difference for future projects! Jude https://caper-cinnamon-7xmy.squarespace.com/history-of-the-fair?p farmers
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