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  1. Thank you I was unfamiliar with hovering between two columns and being able to drag them closer! That was incredibly simple! Adding a space block to the right of all the buttons squeezes them closer too, but resizing by dragging is obviously what I should have done. Thanks for your help!
  2. Site URL: https://www.dadsuggests.com/home/dads-bookshelf-november-2020 I am trying to move my custom buttons closer together on my website. Here is an example article: https://www.dadsuggests.com/home/dads-bookshelf-november-2020 I don't like the large space between the two buttons that say "Buy on Amazon" and "Shop Local on IndieBound" under each book. I'd like to reduce that space. I have already tried code that reduces margin left and right and padding left and right, but it doesn't seem to accomplish what I want. There's just too much white space in the parent container of the butt
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