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  1. Awesome! Thanks. Is there a way to move it a little lower on the page so it's closer to the pointer finger? And do you know why the mobile page isn't loaded on an ipad like it is on the iphone?
  2. Site URL: http://http/cindyseaglerock.com On the mobile homepage for my site, I had to put a hand pointing towards the dropdown navigation arrow because it is so small people might not realize it's there on the iphone. The arrow is completely missing from iPad view on Squarespace (and the site isn't even directed to the mobile homepage I made when trying to view on an iPad). Is there some code I need to utilize to make this work better? Thank you
  3. I made custom buttons in Photoshop for my webpage. When you press them I want another image to pop up, and not a new page. The enable Lightbox feature only seems to put the button image in a lightbox. I've gone into Clickthrough and selected a file I want to use, but pressing my custom button only goes to a new page where that image file is. Is there some CSS code that would help me? Thanks in advance
  4. It's not up anywhere yet. I'm in the building stage. But I may have come up with a solution. If it's the right solution, who knows? I started dragging the image boxes to make them bigger until they lined up. I had redone the backgrounds so they were all on the same plane. Of course, maybe I could've just resized the image boxes with the older backgrounds. Of course if there's a better way than to split them up, that'd be swell.
  5. Is it possible to add multiple links or buttons on top of a single image? I've got an image I want to use as my navigation, but I can only add one link. I tried chopping up the imaged into different blocks and add them individually, but then they don't line up. Is there no way to do what I'm trying to do in SquareSpace? Or is there some CSS code that would help? Thanks in advance
  6. Someone posted this question several years ago and there wasn't an update. I've built my homepage in Illustrator, with images an menus. I want to be able to put a transparent button over the menu items that will then launch the specific item. I tried adding a button, but it just pushes the image around the screen when I try to place it. Is there another theme I can use that will let me do this? Thanks
  7. Howdy, I'm trying to help my brother move his restaurant's website from Wordpress over to Squarespace. Does anyone know of a theme that would mimic the original site? It's pretty basic, but it does have custom image frames (with constantly changing images). And when you press the Menu button, the different menu buttons appear for you to select (which brings you to that menu's page). The site is: cindyseaglerock.com I took some things out on the Wordpress side, so that's why there's an empty circle and the spacing is off on the Catering and Bakery buttons. Thanks in advance
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