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  1. I solved this by adding css in the header of the specific pages: <style> .header-nav-folder-content { background: rgba(255,255,255,0.9)!important; }
  2. This doesn't work for me. It only hides the text, not translating it. Any ideas?
  3. Hi there! I'm working on a site where some of the pages have a blue/positive header menu and some of the pages have the menu in white/negative. This is all good, but it causes problems with the folder dropdown menu and the readability (see attached dumps). My question: can I set different background colors on the dropdown for different pages?
  4. Hi! Sorry for the late reply, yes I solved the video thing. About the tablet footer, absolutely! Do you have a solution?
  5. https://www.getvibes.se/ The block "It’s such a good vibration" a bit down. The youtube video doesn't show when I try to center the text.
  6. This works fine on desktop, but on mobile devices the image (or movie in my case) disapears. Any ideas?
  7. Sorry, can't share, my customer wouldn't like...🙄 I use Business Plan. Maybe I can add some lines to the CSS to manually link the logo? Any tips?
  8. I want to use different logos on different pages on my site, but when i add this to my custom css: #collection-5f75be442b23623907fe6178 .header-title-logo { content: url("logo.png"); width: 130px !important; } ... the logo stops linking to the start page. Any advice? Thanks!
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